I was online and saw this poster for sale. I did not buy it obviously, but it made me think again about how self centered this world has become. Sex is about two people. Porn is normally just about one person. Porn is a cheap substitute for the real thing. God offers us the filet mignon…porn is a cheap McDonald’s burger.

I share these two things in my debates on Porn with Ron. Here they are. Enjoy….Craig

1. A great quote —–“Pornography codes how to look at women, so you know what you can do with one when you see one.” –Catharine MacKinnon

2. A real email—-I am a student at the University and attended the debate on porn with you and Ron Jeremy. The one thing I left with, feeling it even before that night, is that porn desensitizes you. What you fantasize about during a “session” and what actually goes on in the bedroom with your partner are two completely separate things.

I tried to get my girlfriend to go along with some role-play stuff, but it was very awkward for both of us. Every time we had sex though, I had to close my eyes and pretend there was another situation that was going on and that other fantasy, no matter what it was always brought me to orgasm – just being with her never worked.

Eventually it got to the point where I couldn’t even keep it up for her without putting a porn on or some heavy duty fantasizing/imagination. Porn has really messed up my sex life and costed me a relationship since we broke up 2 weeks ago (one of the reasons, me not being able to keep it up along with a few others.)

I just wanted to say thank you for saying something I have only been thinking for the past month or 2. It has shed some light on some of my problems and it is something I am going to work on to change. I’d rather reach orgasm with whomever I am with rather than someone I make up in my imagination.