This week we are going to be celebrating something called fatherhood.

It is with this in mind that I/we at want to put forth a real challenge to fathers. A challenge that asks all dads to step up their parenting game this Father’s Day and talk to their kids – especially their sons – about sex, porn, and masturbation.

It’s like I said before, your kids will only talk to you about sex if you talk to your kids about sex (Tweet This!). And with the average age of first exposure to pornography being eleven (and getting younger every year) I think there is no better time than now to rise to the challenge.

Listen guys, I’m a dad.

I get it.

I know it’s not easy to do this.

But you need to.

Watch this parody video we did (Tweet This!). Yea, it’s a little audacious and Richard Fast (champion Master Baiter) is a pretty weird guy but I hope that the cutting humor in this video connects with you and inspires you to open up to your kids about the realities of sex, porn, and masturbation.

Hey, and if you get through the video without having to change your pants and want to take the challenge visit where you can sign up today, take the pledge, and get three free gifts to help you

By taking the pledge not only will you be committing to something great but you’ll also get equipped with …

  1. A FREE ebook version of Touchy Subjects: Talking to Your Kids about Sex, Tech, and Social Media in a Touchscreen World by myself and David Dean
  2. A video download of my talk called “How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex
  3. A list of resources to help fathers remain sexually pure so they can set the proper example for their kids.

Let’s do this guys!

Take the pledge now! (Tweet This!)


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