Someone brought this video to our attention, and I have to say, I kind of love it. What you’ll see here was shot by an unnamed Christian protestor, who was standing outside a porn show with a sign that probably said something judgmental about the people who were inside. The video has also been treated with graphics—again, we assume added by the protestor—that back up the protestor’s point-of-view.

This protestor gets approached by a couple of dudes, one who looks like your average, everyday party-loving guy, and another who looks like Rob Zombie on the Day of the Dead, complete with dreadlocks, makeup, and an artfully torn t-shirt that read “Sex Please.”

The protestor and the not-Rob-Zombie get into a fairly heated discussion about Jesus, and what made this video notable for us is that the porn show guy drew a distinction between the protestor and XXXchurch!

Jesus wouldn’t be out here protesting,” the man says. Then he points to one of our postcards, which he happens to be carrying with him. “[Jesus] would be like these guys.

While that guy’s theology throughout the video doesn’t always line up with ours, we do agree with him on that.

We believe Jesus would be the one to go into the porn show, not the one to stand on the corner and berate those inside. We believe Jesus did just that while he was here on earth, and we believe in following his example as best we can.

We are compelled by our beliefs and our faith to be the ones who go.

Watch the video below to see the kinds of people we go to. And if you want to help us bring Jesus to those inside a porn show then you can help.


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