So, there is this website called that helps inform Christians on all things Christian. They just caught
wind of something that we did in 2005 called PornSunday. It started in
Michigan at Mars Hill Church. We are holding another National
PornSunday on October 7, 2007. Here is a link to the article bashing us
and our home church.

Mission Accomplished with Rob Bell, XXXChurch and Porn Sunday

By Ken Silva
Apprising Ministries

All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the spirit. [1]

Rob Bell And XXXchurch?
I simply want to make a few personal comments and prayerfully draw you
attention to some of the things that are kind of intermingled regarding
Rob Bell, XXXchurch and this whole farce known as “National Porn
Sunday”. This all began as I read Ingrid Schlueter’s post Anti-Porn
“Ministry” Brings Shame on Jesus Christ at Slice of Laodicea.

It concerns the freak show known as XXXchurch and she gave a reason of crystalline clairty just why:

Rather than lifting high the cross of Christ and preach Him
crucified, these “Christians” travel the country raising high a 25-foot
inflatable mock-up of a reproductive organ, claiming they have to do it
to get attention for their so-called message.

Since this supposed XXXchurch is quite a titillating and very
questionable area of “ministry,” which young people would probably
think is “cool,” I began to wonder if Rob Bell was involved in some
way. Was I surprised to find out that Rob Bell “knew these guys.” Nope.
Did it catch me off guard that Rob had been the one who would be
instrumental in bringing, ahem, exposure to their “work” for Christ? O,
most definitely not! Somehow I just knew Bell would be at the bottom of
this spiritual sewer. And sure enough, clever Rob would be the one to
come up with the catchy li’l title “Porn Sunday.”

Now let me further point out, those of you with any semblance of
understanding about proper Christian decorum will notice immediately
that these fine gentlemen did not choose to call this apparently much
needed event “Anti-Porn Sunday,” now did they? Then I would go on to
write Rob Bell’s Porn Sunday “Mission” because Bell made it a mission
of his to bring this subject to a Sunday morning service at infamous
Mars Hill Bible Church.

What’s The Use Of Talking When Nobody’s Listening
Apart from a
few remarks here and there I decided not to comment just to see how
people would react. You see, I already knew this Emergent rebellion
against the Word of God is known by an inane moniker “the
conversation.” At the same time for over a year now I’ve had many
one-sided conversations with those involved in this quite convoluted
conversation. This has afforded me the opportunity to “converse” with
people like Dan Kimball, well known Emergent pastor and author of The
Emerging Church: Vintage Christianity for New Generations and perhaps
even with the youth minister at your own church.

But I do have to admit that what I was actually surprised by in all
of this is the amount of daffy defense for this XXXchurch/Rob Bell Porn
Sunday foolishness. Just check out the feedback section for Rob Bell’s
Porn Sunday “Mission” as it appears at Christian Worldview Network
here. Then you should be able to notice just how deep this new centered
on man reformation of Robert Schuller has penetrated into the rapidly
apostatizing evangelical community. When older and uninformed
“Christian” adults who should know better think nothing of “correcting”
the Lord’s pastors, well…America, we have a problem.

Don’t Look Now Emergent But Your Fruit Is Showing
Be that as it
may–and I pray he doesn’t mind–but the founder of CWN Brannon Howse,
who was kind enough to give an “unknown” like me a chance to be among
his role of columnists, wrote me in a bit of righteous indignation. I
certainly understand why he could have been frustrated because it
appeared obvious to me, based on the ignorance on so many of the
comments, most had not actually followed the links provided within my
article. If they had they should have clearly seen what these men are
really about with their lame “ministry” excuse to be around the Porn

Brannon, and I’m sure others as well, couldn’t believe how people
could be defending these guys. Perhaps even wondering why I hadn’t been
a bit more forceful in my initial presentation. But he wouldn’t know
that I get letters virtually every single day from those under the
spell of Bell. These “loving” Bellites tell me that Apprising
Ministries is nothing a website to “hate on” the Elvis of Emergent.
Uh-huh, right. Anyone who hasn’t had the Holy Spirit touch a nerve and
pull on their security blanket can see from the category index here is
much more at AM than Rob Bell.

We need to keep in mind here that the Bible tells us – A fool gives
full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control. [2]
In warfare, and especially in the darkness, occasionally one must be
willing to draw enemy fire so others can obtain their position. And so,
if you remember the boxer Muhammad Ali, lately I have oftentimes been
led by my Master to adopt a kind of spiritual “rope-a-dope” technique.
As you can see from Love Letters From Emergents if one waits long
enough those who follow the Hollow Men of the Emergent Church will
eventually reveal their rotten fruit.

But with this mission accomplished I am now happy to point you to
Ingrid’s latest article here at CWN, which shows you more specifically
“about how this ‘church’ does its ministry.” The title of her piece
speaks volumes in itself: Wally the Weiner and Phallic Evangelism. I am
truly disgusted that an article like this even had to be written, as I
know she is as well. What a sorry and sad indictment concerning the
dying evangelical church of the self in America that it is being taken
captive by the apostate Church of Rome through her Ecumenical Church of
Deceit of the new evangelicalism.