As the year winds to a close we need your help in expanding the reach of XXXchurch through our online church, X3LIVE. Each Sunday we offer 6 services online with music, message, live chat, and live prayer. In just a few short weeks we have heard unbelievable stories from people who are finding comfort in the message and community of X3LIVE on Sundays. Check out this email we received from a regular at church online.

“Hey Heather, 

Not sure if you remember me but about 3 weeks ago I attended my first online XXX-Church; my screen name was T***. I loved it. The main message was ‘you are not alone’ & it could not have been a better message for for me to hear.  

I can’t thank you enough for the time we spent chatting and praying. Since reaching out (which I hadn’t done before) I feel so much better, in so many ways — I cant even put words to the peace I feel about my sexual temptations because they wouldn’t do it justice. And most importantly, since reaching out I don’t feel the desire to find temporary pleasures in my sexual temptations anymore.  Not saying I don’t struggle because I do, but knowing I have a body of believers alongside me struggling with similar issues is so reassuring. I just pray that the Lord shows you how grateful I am for your comfort, help and prayers.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get into contact with you, but I just felt the need to write you and say ‘thank you’ for your prayers and continued support. Like I said, I cant put words to how grateful I am.”

Our desire is to continue and provide a weekly service online where people will continue to find community, support, love and encouragement, and a voice pointing them to hope in Jesus.

We need donations to continue and provide this service. Would you be willing to make an end of the year donation that will make it possible for XXXchurch to continue to grow and expand in spreading awareness, providing tools for prevention, and programs for recovery?

Your support has been so generous over the years and we are so extremely thankful for your partnership!


Craig Gross, Founder