Many of you read the post about the family we wanted to help for Christmas. I wanted to update you on all the things that were received and given to the family. Our great friend Laura went out of her way to get a ton of this stuff from her friends and contacts. Thanks to Laura and all of you who helped out.

Things the family received:
-A Christmas tree
-$1300 cash
-Wal-mart, Albertsons, Kohl’s, KB Toys, and Target gift cards

Mom: The hugest amount I have ever seen of beauty and personal care stuff from luxury lines.

Oldest son: XBOX360 and 3 games. The son has wanted one for three years and he even told his mom, “why should I ask for it, I’m not going to get it.” Well, he got it and has not stopped playing it since Christmas!

Oldest daughter: This is the girl who had the incident happen to her. She asked for a cord for her digital camera and some Ugg Boots. She got a gift card to get the camera cord and Ugg’s, plus some make up goodies. She was so excited!

Younger son: He loves the piano. He got a super cool keyboard!

Younger daughter: She is an arts and crafts freak, so she was given a rolling art desk and a ream paper box sized gift box full of art supplies.

Baby son: Clothes, by mom’s request.

The whole family was so encouraged and overwhelmed by the generosity. The mom wanted me to let every person that gave something know how truly blessed her and her kids were this year. She sends a big thank you!

Thanks again and I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas.