Come&Live! is a new non-profit music venture with a current roster
of 15 artists who are committed to giving their art away 100% free of charge in
an effort to share their passion and talents with all people of all nations.
Come&Live! is made up of musicians and staff members who live as
“musicianaries”, laboring out of a genuine commitment to their faith in Jesus
and trusting God to provide for all their needs so that they may challenge a
generation to live simply so as to give generously to the needs of others.

C&L! Founder, Chad Johnson, is former A&R guy for artists like
Underoath, mewithoutYou, Anberlin, etc. as well as avid X3 user and recovering
porn addict. He is now dedicated to pursuing Jesus as his greatest pleasure.

Please show your support by visiting and
downloading their  first 100% Free release, “I Am Living!, Vol.
One”.  Free. Did I mention it is free.

One of the other things
I love about what these guys are doing is “FAST FRIDAY”.  They
start fasting Thursday after dinner and then celebrate Friday dinner. You may
email {[email protected]} your prayer requests anytime and they will
pray for/with you or you can sign up for FAST FRIDAY on their site.