preventionI hope you enjoyed June as we raised awareness regarding the issue of pornography. Let me ask you real quick …

Did you take the Father’s Day Pledge (mom’s can take it too)?

Did you signup for the 30 Day Porn-Free Challenge?

If not, I encourage you to check out both those things right now. That being said … enough about June!

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Well, it may be an old saying but it’s definitely a true one and in the case of porn addiction it really sums up what we think here.

So many times we have heard from parents and those struggling with pornography the words “If I just …

If I just talked to my kids sooner.
“If I just saw the warning signs.”

If I just reached out to someone when I saw that.”
“If I just tackled this problem earlier.”
If I just had protected my kids better.

You don’t ever want to say “If I just.” (Tweet This!) And hopefully, if you take some preventative steps you won’t have to. Stick with us all through July and learn what you can do to prevent pornography from impacting your life and lives of those around you. We will always have something new for you on the home page so make sure you visit us every day!

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