The Bible says “Confess your sin and you will prosper. Conceal your sin and you will not prosper.”

We added a sidebar on the XXXchurch site if you scroll down you will see something that says “Recent Confessions”. Everyday people send in confessions to XXXchurch. We hope this serves as on of the first steps that people take in getting rid of the sin in their life. The next step we would suggest is to share this with a friend, not just complete strangers.

One of the things about porn is it makes you feel like you are all alone. If you are struggling, we hope you see that is a lie. There are almost 4,000 confessions on the site of people (MEN, WOMEN, SPOUSES, PASTORS, TEENS) just like you that are struggling.

You can see the latest confessions on the side of the home page as well as on the CONFESSIONS page or on all the get help pages there is a link.

I just read this one right now and love the fact that he said he is going to God. God is faithful to forgive us.