For the majority of us our pride all to often gets in the way of telling someone that we are struggling.  As you can see from this confession posted here it is stooping this young man from regaining his freedom he once had.

upload your confession HERE or read others HERE. Here is one that hit me:

I am 18 years old and have just moved up to London to study at
university. I got into porn with my friend at about 13 or 14 years old.
I found myself very far from God at this stage as I had become a
Christian at 7. I saw God really changing my life and had a really
powerful encounter with God and I was brought into a true relationship
with the Lord.

I was set free from Porn at the age of 17 and went onto
new heights with God, as I saw that it was my main weakness and
failing. Exactly a year later after freedom from temptation and porn,
it returned and I now cant stop. I so want just to please and live for
God, I would rather quit uni and move back home than have this happen

I can’t think of anything worse than letting God down. I really
need some help, prayer and an accountability partner or some wisdom.
This most end straight away it’s been two weeks and every day I confess
and I try and start a fresh but I feel too week to overcome. I wont be
able to carry on this way, I must get back on track.

My pride is
stopping me from confessing to my brothers as I have always kept it
secret until I overcame. God has done it once and He can and will do it
again. I will be praying for you all also in my current situation.