This week I was reading this confession and I couldn’t help but to think of all the emotions and how lost we can feel when we journey down Porn Boulevard.  You can
upload your confession HERE or read others HERE. Here is one that hit me:

“No More Chances”

Hey guys out there. I got a story to tell.

I have struggled
with porn 9 years now. It started when I was 15. (When I got my first
). Iy was not much in the beginning, but within some years it
starts getting much worse. At the age of 19 I got my lovely
girlfriend (now my wife), and I promised my self that I should stop seeking
porn. The fighting was much harder than I thought, and it felt like
I was walking around in circle. I fell off the wagon every 2 to 3 weeks.

One year later I told her about it, and I promised her and God that I’ll never do it again. But the same circle just continued. At the age of 22 we got married, and I promised my self, that
my “porn problem” should stop. But I fell off the wagon again. But I
couldn’t tell it to her this time. I just lived a “double life”. And it
was terrible.

But something happened last year. It just
stopped my life. One of my best friends died in a motorbike accident.
It just gave me so many thoughts. What if this was me, could I stand in
front of GOD now? Am I ready to die?

The very same night I told her about it again. This time I “opened” my self totally. I cried and cried..

This happened a 1.5 year ago. I still have the problem, but I’m telling
my wife every time when I fall. I have tried almost everything.
Programs like SafeEyes, X3-pure, setting up filters on my router. I
always find a shortcut to look porn.

Don´t know what to do now. I have tried everything. It´s destroying my marriage.

I need help, just need someone to talk to. I want this to stop.

– The lost one