If you have been around X3, you know one of the first bands to support this ministry was the band Pillar. Rob Beckley is the lead singer and founder of the band and also serves on our board of directors. I just got this note from Rob.

I am excited to tell you about our new release “Confessions.”  It is a
powerful record spiritually, sonically, and emotionally.  I took the
“My Secrets” series from my church and the years of working with
XXXChurch.com and put together a vision for transparency and
restoration.  Along with the record we are releasing a book about
confessing.  One of the chapters deals with how to be confessed to.  We
have failed this generation as a church by closing our doors and not
allowing people to come in and be loved through a hard time.  This
record will hopefully change lives eternally and help to start a
healing process in many lives.  The confession of sin and burden in our
lives is very important.  So here it is.  A new era for Pillar.
“Confessions” – Rob Beckley

Check out their new site at http://www.pillartour.com.

You can post confessions on line on their site as well. Here are a few I found.

I hate the porn on line, even if I have a fire wall it is still easy to access. LORD I need your strength to overcome. I talked to my Pastor Larry and he told me what it was to “deny myself”. LORD help me to remember to, each and every day, deny myself and focus on you, always. Thanks for this section of your page gang. I endeavor to stay on “The Frontline”, to carry my cross, keep Jesus in my sight. He is my only strength.


There have been things in my life that I do without reason. God is blessing me greatly and for no reason I turn away because of addictions and temptations. God I give this up right now. I repent, forgive me Jesus, thank You for another chance.


We are going to head out on their tour for a night or two and shoot some stuff for the podcast. The new album comes out Tuesday. Support these guys.