Here’s another video we shot last year when we participated in the Fight the Silence Tour with several great bands and Levi the Poet.

We set up a video confession booth for those who wanted to talk about their struggles with pornography.  We didn’t know what to expect but the whole thing turned out great and we heard from tons of people who reached out to us by using this booth.  You can check out more about the tour here.

This video may seem strange to some. I mean, the whole idea of confessing your darkest secrets to a video camera at a concert? However, what this experience shows is that all of us have an innate desire to come clean. Guilt will grind you down and the shame that comes with it is oppresive. There is a certain freedom that comes with opening up and talking about your struggles and failures.

I really respect the bravery these guys displayed by allowing us to hear their confessions. Maybe by watching this you’ll be inspired to do the same thing.  If so we have a place on the site where you can write your own confession and begin the healing process.  Don’t just sit there in silence … fight it by confessing and getting real about your struggle.



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