Everyday, we receive confessions from our community:  “I’ve fallen again”; “I looked at pornography again”; “I don’t know if I will ever be free”.  Remember in this battle, you are not alone.  One of the great encouragements to me in this ministry is to see the amount of people who encourage, guide and connect with those who are struggling—reminding them that they can and will get through their struggle with pornography addiction.  This month, we’re going to highlight those confessions that we hear so often and remind us all of the importance of honesty, confessing, sharing, supporting and encouraging one another in this battle.  

Join us for church every Sunday on X3LIVE – http://live.xxxchurch.com at 7,9,11AM & 5,7,9PM PST. This month our topics will include:

March 3: Sometimes I Hate Myself 

March 10: I’m Scared of Commitment

March 17: I Am Afraid

March 24: I Run to Sex For Comfort

March 31: Easter Sunday

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