In case you did not hear we are approaching our annual  fundraiser called “Bowlfest”. It is a 100-frame bowling marathon. I bowl 100 frames and ask people to sponsor be per frame. We are asking people to raise at least $25 per frame which comes to $2500. We have some people that are over $45 a frame. I am personally trying to get to $100 a frame which is $10,000 to the ministry.

So, here is where you come in. I personally bought an iPad for myself. I will give it away.It is the 16 gig one. I will be running a giveaway for the (wifi) iPad that I bought yesterday.

One of you will win it. And to enter, all you need to do is sponsor me. Simple right? Just make a donation, any donation.

Each $25 that you donate to my fund will count as one entry in the iPad giveaway.

You must use the links on this post to be able to keep track of your donation and count it as an entry or entries. Donate $25, get your name entered once. Donate $50, be entered twice. Donate $100, you’ll have 4 chances to win. I will be randomly selecting a winner by Saturday and will share with you the total amount raised, too. I will post the video of me selecting the winner of the iPad online so you all can see that it is fair. Please help support this ministry and enjoy my new iPad. Use the link on the page to donate.