My friend Jeff continues to amaze. He writes and speaks and does some youtube videos. He has a new one today called Counterfeit Gods. You can watch below. Here is some more information about it;

iTunes of poem (all proceeds going to local non profit*) –

A must read book that inspired the poem –

We all worship something. Whatever we give our time, money, & energy too might not be our “verbal” savior but it is our “functional” savior. The question isn’t “do” we worship, but “who” do we worship. This poem is me sharing about my journey to find that only Jesus truly satisfies. Everything else over promises & under delivers.

More about Jeff:

One of my favorite lines of this new poem

Or guys, how come you always say, “ya I’m a man, because I’m in control!” Yet why cant you stop having sex with your hand, while staring at your macbook pro