Something that is brand new at X3pure is a workshop for couples. For those of you that are married, I want to tell you this is the most amazing marriage material I have ever heard. I sat and watch Dave and Ann Wilson at a marriage conference a few months ago and thought most people will never hear this because they won’t go to a marriage conference. A few weeks later, I flew to Michigan and we taped 15 video lessons with them. We will be releasing a parents workshop later in the fall with the Wilson’s

If you have gone through some tough times in your marriage, broken trust, having trouble communicating or thinking about giving up this workshop is for you.


Workshop Outline

Developed by Dave and Ann Wilson, national marriage conference speakers for 25 years…as well as the Detroit Lions Chaplain (please pray for them)…their material will take you and your spouse on a journey to the marriage you have always longed for.

X3pure is an online, streaming video marriage workshop designed for married couples to enjoy in the privacy of your own home. This workshop will provide you with principles from God’s word that can transform your marriage. It will give you a game plan for dealing with communication and conflict issues. There are also several sessions on dealing with anger and even God’s plan for sexual intimacy. Full of life and humor, with a emphasis on application, this 15 session workshop can be logged onto from any internet-connected computer at any time.

Rock Your Marriage

The beginning session starts with the question that every married couple must answer…what is your foundation? How are you going to make this marriage work? Every marriage has a foundation, but not all foundations are solid. If your marriage is going to go the distance it must be built upon this kind of rock.

The Secret To Men/Women

Every man wants a cheerleader and every woman wants a lover. What does that mean and what does that look like in the day to day grind of staying in love? We will spend a couple sessions revealing the needs that drive every husband and every wife and how to meet those needs in your marriage.

Welcome To The Jungle

Sessions 5 through 8 deal with the tough job of trying to resolve conflict. Every couple has conflict and we are pretty good at that. Yet, very few couples know how to actually resolve conflict. One of the toughest parts of handling conflict is dealing with our anger. Unresolved anger can blow up a marriage and many of us don’t really know where that anger is coming from. These sessions can help couples learn how to embrace and grow through conflict and hopefully get to forgiveness.

Porn And Marriage

Sexual temptation is a part of all marriages. Porn can devastate any marriage. Dave and Ann share their story honestly and how God can work in and through the garbage to rebuild trust.

Sex And God

It seems that no one wants to talk about God’s view of sex. He designed it and has an awesome plan for sex in marriage. Find out what His plan looks like and how to start living that plan now.

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