Craig-Car-Ride-16-blog postThis probably comes as no shock to you, but here at XXXchurch we like to talk about accountability … A LOT!

Really, why is accountability and being “open” such a big deal?

It’s a fair question so let me tell you why we believe that accountability and living Open is so absolutely necessary for everyone.

Simply put, accountability will help you,

Experience freedom.
Have peace of mind.
Feel overwhelming self-confidence.
Live a life free of secrets and lies.

You see, in every area of our lives, it’s time to go beyond self-help . . . it’s time to get accountable and live in the freedom of unrestrained truth.

Accountability isn’t just a concept.
It’s not just a buzzword we like to use.

Accountability is what helps us avoid poor decisions that can lead to life-shattering results (Tweet This!) because it invites others in. It allows the fresh air of honesty to flood our lives expelling the toxicity of secrecy, shame, and self-indulgence.

In fact, accountability is a concept we believe in so deeply that we built an entire software platform around it and even created a new workshop series to help people learn more about it.

If accountability sounds a little crazy to you I understand. Living in the open with our decisions doesn’t come natural. It goes against our instincts to be private and secretive.

But it’s exactly what we need to do if we want to go father in life!

Make sure you listen to this podcast where we talk more about these topics and how both these resources, X3watch and the new Open video series, can help you achieve more in life.

You can check out a sample from this new video workshop HERE!

Also, if you like what you see you can get the entire video series for FREE if you buy an X3watch Premium annual subscription.

Get open.
Get accountable.

Get X3watch Premium and get the Open video series for FREE today.