Dear Google, is a website that helps people leave behind their pornography addiction with great tools, resources, and accountability. In doing this, we have reached out into the places on the internet that are held tight by the grip of pornography. Those sites have “xxx” in their url, so we decided to do the same thing with our url. In doing that we have been black listed by Google when someone directly searches for our url when the filter is on high. When the filter is on moderate you also cannot see the pages of our site where the search term is located. Basically, no one can find us because of our url, 

We are asking all of the people who read this blog and who are associated in any way to to tell Google to list us in their searches. Please tweet, facebook, email, call or anything you can to get this in front of Google. We have invested funds in how we have built the site so that we are listed in Google’s search engines, paid SEO consultants to help us and spent countless hours trying to come to a conclusion. So we are asking the help of our people. 

If we can not get our url listed in Google’s searches, we will have to cut out losses and find another route to reach people addicted to pornography, though being listed in Google will make recovery accessible to so many more people. 

To be clear, we LOVE YOU (Google) and LOVE all you do to get information to the world and hope we can work out a conclusion. 

Thanks for being such a big help and hope to talk soon,

Help Us Reach Out to Google:

1. The #1 thing you can do: On your website or blog link to us but link to us THIS Way.

Help people overcome porn addiction

Don’t just put a hyperlink to on your site. Use the word “porn addiction” and hyperlink that or “pornography addiction

or You can copy and paste the code below for porn addiction:

or You can copy and paste the code below for pornography addiction:

2. Google Twitter :: : Use the HashTag #GoogleXXXchurch

3.Google Facebook :: : Post on their page