Dear X3watch Mobile Users, 

I’m writing to let you know of a software update that we released today, we have been able to improve the primary issues that have been plaguing you guys:

+ Email Report Consistency : Your accountability partners will now receive the reports that you have signed them up for on the day that you have specified, every time.

+ Filter Accuracy : The reports that your accountability partners receive will include the relevant links, every time.

We had a few different companies handling our mobile apps and now we have one company that is handling all of our mobile products and we have literally been putting all the monies that we have received from the sales of the APP back into the product. 

As many of you have noticed, we have been missing the mark with our mobile apps lately.  Our weekly reports to your accountability partners have been either failing completely or inconsistent, often being sent on the wrong day. The apps on your iPhones and Android devices have been crashing or having trouble connecting with our servers. The filters that we have been applying to reports have not been working very well, resulting in accountability reports with either too many, or not enough, results.

We’ve been working hard to rectify this situation and I’m pleased to announce that today we achieved a major step in that process.  You don’t have to update anything on your phone, the update was all on our end. We are going to continue to listen to your feedback and improve our software, so please keep it coming!

Thank you for your understanding. 

Many of you know, we released X3watch PRO for your desktops and laptops earlier this year which is supported by our friends at Internet Safety and that product has been realy stable and secure.

Our next effort is to work on the FREE versions of X3watch for desktop and laptops and bring the reporting system up to the same system that we have now on mobile. 

Enjoy this video.