We are so excited to ask your help with an issue we have found in our outreach. As far as we can tell, Google has our URL black listed due to the letters we have used, XXXChurch.com. So if you search for us with your Google filters on high or moderate we do not show up much or not at all. We have invested a lot of time and resources to be easily found on Google and search engines so your help getting out the word that we can not be found is very needed. 

Please take a minute to email, post, facebook, tweet or call anyone who will listen. This is not so we get a chance to be right or have a debate, this is only so we can get an answer to why we can’t show up and how we can. We are positive that Google will help us once we can connect with them, we just need your help to get there. 

Imagine if we could show up in google searches when someone looked up “Pornography Addiction” and they immediately found us, where right now they do not. Also, if you have any ideas or can help shed any light to this subject, please comment or email.

Thanks so much for your help. 

The #1 thing you can do: On your website or blog link to us but link to us THIS Way.

Help people overcome porn addiction

Don’t just put a hyperlink to XXXchurch.com on your site. Use the word “porn addiction” and hyperlink that or “pornography addiction

or You can copy and paste the code below for porn addiction:

or You can copy and paste the code below for pornography addiction:

2. Google Twitter :: www.Twitter.com/Google : Use the HashTag #GoogleXXXchurch

3.Google Facebook :: http://www.facebook.com/Google : Post on their page