Last week, Dave Vahey and I were shooting videos for the new iParent.TV site. We interviewed somewhere around 10 different kids about popular apps and websites, and two of the girls we interviewed about some texting apps and social sites mentioned “dick pics.”

That’s right, I said it. I really don’t know how else to explain what they were talking about, and that’s the term our culture seems to have decided upon, so don’t get mad at me. I’m not trying to be filthy – if a character in a movie uses the word “dick” today, the movie won’t even get a PG-13 rating for it, so if we can’t be honest and address real stuff like this on, then what can we talk about? 

In addition to talking to these two girls, last week I also read about a Dallas man who sent a dick pic with his job application then I heard the dick pic parody song, a twist on the selfie song.

So, I thought: most women aren’t requesting dick pics – they usually receive them unsolicited, so why are guys sending these things? I came up with a few reasons:

  1. Because they don’t like their own penis and need some validation.
  2. Because they see celebrities do it. 
  3. Because they think women like looking at penises as much as men like looking at boobs. 
  4. Because they want women to send them to their friends (because sometimes it’s their friends that they want). 
  5. Because they think it will flatter women (“Aw, we’re intimate enough for me to finally see his wang”). 
  6. Because they just watched porn and they want to make their own 
  7. Because they are high or drunk. 
  8. Because they hope that, “If I show them mine, they’ll show me theirs.” 
  9. Because they think women like them. 
  10. Because they think it’s the only thing they have that a woman wants. 
  11. Because they’re used to the actresses in porn and don’t understand what women in the real world want. 
  12. Because they think it will make women want them. (Your dick pic is not romantic.) 

But what happens on the receiving end? What are women doing with these dick pics? Guys, here’s the honest truth, some possible activities women are doing with those photos of your junk:

  1. Deleting them.
  2. Holding them for ransom (i.e., revenge).
  3. Showing them to people that guys wouldn’t want to see them (their parent, his parent, pastor, etc.). 
  4. Forwarding them to their girlfriends and laugh. 
  5. Getting traumatized either because they haven’t gotten a good look at one or prefer sex in the dark. 
  6. Finding it hilarious that the guy thinks he’s endowed or that his penis is “the exception.” 
  7. Putting the guy into “Ew, never” category. 
  8. Wondering who else he sent the pic to. 
  9. Not being impressed by it.

The bottom line is: if men understood women, they probably wouldn’t send “dick pics” (Tweet This!). Just like Myspace, New Coke, the Lambada, and flip phones, dick pics need to fade away into cultural oblivion. How about you start the trend?

[Editor’s note: while this post is intended to provide a somewhat casual take on what is a serious topic, it is worth noting that the above points relate only to adult photographs. If your child (person under the age of 18) either sends or receives these kinds of photographs, there might be legal ramifications even to the point of transmission or possession of child pornography. Additionally, if you are an adult and are receiving a photo or photos (also of an adult) unwillingly, to the point of harassment, then you should consider contacting the relevant authorities.]


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