We are excited about this new book by our friend Crystal Renaud. 

“Honest. Powerful. Compassionate. Practical. Needed. Are the words that came to mind when reading Crystal Renaud’s book Dirty Girls Come Clean. A great challenge for women of all ages to come clean!” Here is a bit more from Crystal about the book.

Introduction from Crystal Renaud

The dark cloud of this addiction is far-reaching. Pornography addiction knows no path other than one of destruction, isolation, and suffocation. Pornography addiction knows no creed. Pornography addiction knows no gender.

We are all sexual beings. If not, you and I would not be living on this earth. So to
believe that pornography can only be a man’s problem is not only false, but it is an
ignorant lie that comes from the enemy.

The enemy, Satan, deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden by convincing her that if she ate the forbidden fruit, she would be like God. She in turn offered Adam the fruit, he took some, and as a result of their disobedience, they were expelled from the  beautiful garden where they had enjoyed perfect fellowship with God. Satan’s goal was to destroy. And the enemy has been trying to destroy women ever since.

 From the first bite of a piece of forbidden fruit to pornography addiction, the enemy will use whatever he can to deceive us and keep us ineffective for use in the kingdom of God.

May you find comfort in knowing that not only are you not alone in your struggle, but there is hope for breaking the stronghold of this addiction

Chapter 2: “You Are Here”

Most women who struggle with pornography addiction more often than not feel
alone. We’ve isolated ourselves for so long that not only have we isolated ourselves from those closest to us, but also we isolate ourselves from God. And before long we don’t trust anyone anymore. Paranoia sets in.

The feeling of everyone around us knowing our affliction and already judging us
beyond repair.

We buy the lie of the enemy that the shame of our actions is too great for anyone,
including God, to understand. The problem isn’t unbelief that we’re capable of
overcoming our sin and afflictions. It may feel at times that it is impossible, but we
all know deep down that if we could face God and be surrendered to the process, we could indeed overcome it.

The problem is lack of trust. When the pornography is shut off and you’re left with
only God, do you trust that He will be enough to sustain you? 


A free copy of chapter one of Dirty Girls Come Clean is available by clicking here.

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