In this episode we talk with Kathy and Mike from Pure Life Ministries, the Interns give us the Icthus festival recap, and in “That’s ridiculous.” El Clinto talks about a dead pig. Oh and don’t forget the Geek Talk replacement “I’m 21 and I know everything” is here.

In other news…

NY TIMES ran a great story about XXXchurch. The story was actually an Associated Press story and was picked up by over 100 newspapers worldwide. Read the story here.

Esther Fund is seeing some great things! We have some great updates we will be posting this week here. We are raising money for three things. There is a porn star who just left the industry named Sierra that we want to help out, we want to pay for tuition for seminary for Donny Pauling, and we just took care of health insurance for a guy named Chris. He just left the adult industry after a several year career in the gay adult industry. YES! We said Donny (ex-porn producer) is going to seminary.

Pete The Porno Puppet and Ron Jeremy? The rumors are true. There is a new Pete commercial that has a cameo of Ron Jeremy. Ron helps us out on this commercial because he does not want to see porn end up in kids hands. The commercial is 60 seconds and is finished. We will be launching the full campaign next month on the site.

If you did not hear Craig and Ron don’t agree on everything about porn and will be debating each other in August in 7 cities in 7 nights. Visit and get your tickets, which are $10 in advance. Let me just tell you, this will be a great night to come be a part of. Whether you are for porn, against porn, believe in God or could care less about religion. The debate is informative, entertaining, and where else are you going to be able to ask questions and meet the king of porn and the pastor of porn?
LIVE HELP is now available on the site. Stop reading this right now and go to the website and look at the top of the page in the corner. This is a brand new feature that we have where you can get one on one help with a member of our support team. We are testing this right now to see what times are the most needed to staff this. If you are a pastor and would like to help us out a few hours a week or a month please email us at [email protected]. The goal is to staff this a few hours a day at least, we will eventually post the exact times on the website. The help is not technical support. This is to help people who need answers on the issues surrounding pornography.