As we told you a few months back we have been offered an incredible “matching gift” opportunity for XXXChurch.   Every dollar donated to the ministry will be generously matched dollar for dollar up to $100,000! We are close to half way there!

This means that if you donate $100 your gift is matched and becomes $200 to the ministry.  This is the season of giving and there is literally no better time than while we have this incredible matching gift offer.

We have many opportunities to reach people in the industry as well as those who are struggling with sexual addictions but we need your help to continue to reach them and to keep the lights on here at XXXChurch.  We are committed to recruiting and training new volunteers, and building strategic partnerships so that we can continue to reach and rescue.  Will you please consider partnering with us?  

Make a donation and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar!

What to expect when you become a partner with us:

We will send you information on how we are using your dollars as well give you access to an area of our ministry that is specifically designated for ‘the core” of this ministry (you) which gives an inside look of the goings on of the ministry as well as new developments in relationships we are building and inside news that is not always posted publicly on the main website.