Listen, anybody who’s struggled with pornography has been tempted to smash their computer or throw away their Smartphone in frustration.  We get to that point of helplessness where we think the only thing that will solve the problem is if we remove all the temptation, all the access, and all the triggers that surround us.  Here’s the thing, that doesn’t work.  It sounds good.  It carries with it a bit of cinematic drama.  However, in the end, if you are addicted to porn you will find another way.

If getting rid of your porn addiction is that important to you, you don’t need to smash all your expensive tech toys … you need to get accountableAccountability is the first step in recovery and one that you just can’t skip.  Want to smash that computer?  Don’t (unless it sucks and needs replacement)!  Try X3watch and invite a friend into your online life.   Get accountable today! 

Now watch this video just so you can see what smashing a computer looks like.  Maybe it will help take that edge off.