I love Australia!

I have been twice and our ministry has been there on three different trips. I had the opportunity to take my family last time and it is the one place that my kids say is their favorite place they have ever been. We have exhibited previously at the Sexpo show in Brisbane and have met the great folks that put on the show. They come to the States to promote their shows and we have stayed in touch over the years.

We had no plans to go to Sydney this March but we were asked by the promoters of the show to come. Not only will we have a booth at the show, but the night prior they are doing an industry night and would like myself and Ron to do a debate on the issue of pornography. 

*We will have our booth at the Sexpo in Sydney for XXXchurch.  

*We will be doing the debate on March 14th

*I will be on the show Q&A with Australian journalist Tony Jones on March 19th.

I am looking for a couple things to help with this trip. 

If you know of a church in Sydney that would be interested in hosting us last minute for a speaking weekend on March 17-18th please e-mail [email protected].

If you are interested in helping us at the Sexpo in Sydney to work the booth please email [email protected] as soon as possible and we will be in touch. 

If you have any frequent flyer miles on any airline that flies to Australia that you would be willing to donate to the ministry please email [email protected]. We are trying to fly a few people over and since this show is last minute we don’t have the funds allocated for this convention.

If you would like to donate Bibles specifically for this trip hit the donate button or send a PayPal donation to [email protected]. In the memo, please put ‘BIBLES AUSTRALIA.’ 

Thanks so much,