This was our sixth year at the NJ/NY Exxxotica convention.  As always we were grateful to have an awesome team of volunteers serving with us.  Over 2,000 Bibles were handed out and hundreds of great conversations were had.  Not only did we get to share the love of Jesus with the people of Exxxotica but some of us were treated to a harmonica rendition of Amazing Grace by the one and only Ron Jeremy.  Watch the video recap below & see what some of our team members had to say about their experience.  Maybe you want to join us on an upcoming outreach?  Go here and find out what the X3 team has coming up for 2014.

Fabulous time reconnecting with a number of women in the ‘Hotties Room’ that I met at the Atlantic City outreach. I was also able to meet some new wonderful women that in a short time poured their hearts out about their struggles with life, love, and their careers. Many of the dancers in the Edison ‘Hotties Room’ seem to be striving to be professional performers. This is their lively-hood until they make it ‘Big.’ I was so happy to exchange phone numbers, emails, and website information with many of the girls. I am going to do follow-up with the girls that gave me their contact information. Our Atlantic City Stripchurch ministry is having a LoveTree Christmas Gift event for any local industry girl who has children. We are going to provide Christmas gifts to their children. Two girls from the ‘Hotties Room’ already signed up. One of the girl’s was from the AC outreach. Her daughter was diagnosed this summer with Crohn’s disease. She has been in and out of the hospital all summer. She dances to support her family. Her heart is so receptive and hurting from the pain her daughter has been going through. I hope to reach out to her and show her the love of Christ in a tangible way. Working in the ‘Hotties Room’ has opened up opportunities like this. Thank you xxxChurch!

– Jodi D.

This was my first time participating with a xxxchurch outreach and I was not sure what to expect. I was blessed by the many opportunities I had to have great conversations with people attending the conference. Many of the people I talked to had serious questions and were looking for answers. I met some really nice people on the team and enjoyed working with them.  This is an outreach that I would do again.

– Madeline K.

I was able to go to Exxxotica when it was held in my home town here in Miami, so I was looking forward to being able to be a part of it again in New Jersey. My experience was awesome! I saw the Lord show up yet again and bless the team and the time we had on the floor. I hope to be apart of it again!

– Adriana L.

This was my first porn convention. My shifts were not in the convention hall but in the ‘Hotties’ room (the dancer’s dressing room). I do outreach into strip clubs so I am comfortable being in this atmosphere. In the clubs we only get a few minutes to chit chat but now I had a whole weekend. We brought food, toiletries and a desire to serve the girls and serve we did. The girls were so touched and kept thanking us for being there for them. They are beautiful, smart, hardworking. They worked non stop, little time for rest and by early evening their stilettos were killing their feet! Their job looks easy on the floor or in the cage but in reality their feet are in pain and their legs are sore. The hours of work are exhausting. They shared with us the difficulties of the industry. Some have sustained injuries while pole dancing and some have been cheated out of their pay. When the weekend was over one of the dancers insisted we meet in the future for dinner, she said she needed to be around people like us. She took 3 Bibles for her friends. We exchanged phone #’s and emails. I dropped her a line as soon as I got home. What stays with me however is their humbleness, gratitude and spoken words to us that by our actions we genuinely do care for them. To me they are God’s beautiful dancing daughters!

– Irene S.

I worked in the Hotties Room, and I can’t begin to emphasize what an incredible experience it was. Every single person in this world matters. To have time to talk to women and invest in their lives is an absolute honor and is a privilege not to be taken lightly. It is Christ’s love that draws people to Him, and having the opportunity to share His love, wherever that may be, is an awesome and exciting adventure.”

– Natasha H.

I was both nervous and excited on my way to Edison NJ. I wasn’t sure how I would react to being at a porn show. Fortunately I was surrounded by a great team with great leaders that I could be real with and kept me accountable. I’m sure the many “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” Bibles that we handed out will make a difference. And I hope that through the conversations and actions we we have brought others closer to an understanding of who Jesus is.

– David D.

I enjoyed my time with XXXchurch at the Exxxotica convention. It was great to be in that environment sharing the love of Jesus and getting into some lengthy conversations with people who are searching for Truth! Jesus is definitely moving in the commercial sex industry and it’s wonderful to be a part of it!

– Abigail W.

This was my fourth convention with XXXchurch; so although I know what to expect, each show brings new opportunity. My favorite part is seeing faces from previous shows and building relationships that have already been established. I had fantastic conversations with many people and had a great time with the team. The leadership did a fantastic job from start to finish and our team brought it home. It was a beautiful weekend of sharing God’s love, hope and grace. At times my heart ached for what I saw, but I seized the opportunity to offer hope. Thank you XXX Church for the opportunity to serve beside you. Truly it is an honor and a privilege.” 

– Kelly M.

This past weekend, being able to minister at a porn convention with XXXchurch was amazing. Going into the weekend, I wondered how much difference would we really be able to make, but after being there this weekend I realized that just being loving, friendly, smiley, and being willing to serve the girls made a lot of difference. They were touched by our love in action and I am thankful that I was able to play a part in making these girls feel special, honored, and loved. My favorite part was helping the girls get ready in the morning, before they went out on the floor.

– Kasey D.

I’m still pondering so many things from this weekend but the big theme that keeps replaying in my mind is why I love volunteering with XXXCHURCH and this is because each weekend at a show serves as a reminder of what it’s like to be human. Christians so often put on these ‘everything’s perfect’ masks but I love ministry at expos because there’s no precedence. We don’t have to pretend to be anything we are not and we get to be our messy selves and have real life conversations with real people in hopes that they will be encouraged by our transparency and love.”

– Catherine S.

I experienced the power of God’s love. It is hard for me to put into words, but all I know is that, many times, I forgot the reason why everyone was at the convention. I just knew I wanted to interact with everyone–know a little of their story and what matters to them. Listen, joke around and tell them God loves them.”

– Natalia I.