Em contacted us from Canada.  Little did she know at the time that we have a division of XXXchurch in Canada.  Em shared her story:

 “I grew up in the church and wanted to be a virgin until marriage. When I was raped that all went out the window and I started having sex willingly. I am in college and was broke and wanted to meet a sugar daddy so I thought putting myself out there would be good, long story short I was violently raped, and am a mess. I dont know where to go from here, all that I know is never back to that place again.”

Immediately we connected Em with our X3Team coordinator in Canada who willingly emailed with Em and offered regular meetings via Skype since Canada is a large country- they were not as close in distance as we had hoped but the Lord works well through the internet and phone lines!   While Em still has her struggles and much healing is still needed, as far as we know she has kept her commitment to stay out of the industry.