It’s been a busy few days for us over on the CNN website. My post last week and now this story today on hotel porn. I am going over to CNN tomorrow to talk to them about this latest story. Let me explain.

I saw this letter the other day.

A christian and a Muslim wrote the hotel industry and asked them to stop selling porn.

I am not for porn BUT the problem is not that porn is being sold it is that porn is being consumed.

I should write a letter to McDonald’s asking them to stop selling the McRib because what is in that sandwich really?

My minibar fridge at the hotel I am currently staying at has a lot of alcohol should I ask for an empty fridge or is the lock on the mini bar enough for a responsible adult to not open the fridge?

Dunkin Donuts is one of the nations fastest growing franchise businesses and everyone knows donuts are not good for you, but why are more stores popping up?

Should we ask big tobacco to stop selling Cigarettes because we know they could kill you?

It’s all about the Money…Money.

We don’t consume things that are healthy.

We consume things that are fast and easy and cheap and that includes porn.

The hotel provides it in the room and the titles don’t show up on your hotel bill. They are always $1 or so more then the Hollywood movies, not to embarrass you at checkout.

The hotels make money every time they sell you a porn or the latest Disney movie and they don’t care which of those you buy.

Writing a letter telling them they should not sell it is not going to work. This letter sounds political to me and if you really want to grab someone’s attention you got to do more then write a letter and post it on your website.

Getting their attention is not what you need. 

At we want to educate and make people aware that porn hurts people. We want to spend our time helping people. This Christian and Muslim should spend their time talking to their people and if we could get all the Christians and Muslims to stop buying porn in hotel rooms when they travel then that would put a serious dent into this industry.

Writing letters, legislating and picketing are all things in this area that don’t really work and are just tired. You want to make a difference get away from your desk and get out there and make some noise.

I am on a plane every week talking to parents, teenagers, pastors, teachers and anyone I can trying to help them be aware that this is a huge issue. We have to change peoples hearts. This is supply and demand. If the demand for this decreases then the supply might as well.

To think we are going to live in a temptation free world is crazy. So, even if their letter works and hotel porn is removed but if WIFI is available you can pull up porn on your smart phone and save yourself $14.99. Then what good have you really done?

I applaud the Omni hotel. They have not sold porn since 1999. No need sending them a letter. They took a stance on an issue and are out. The Marriot Hotel sent out a press release in 2011 saying they were getting rid of porn. I will believe them when I see it. They say that will come in 2013. Both these organizations are citing religious reasons for doing this not because they got letters in the mail.

In closing, don’t send letters. Don’t just complain about things. Don’t try and make everyone see things the way you do. Don’t be mad that this world offers us a lot of things that will trip us up. Just know..there are going to be obstacles in they way and how are you going to help yourself not get tripped up.

If you travel on business, let someone know you are tempted and have them call you or check in with you.

Unplug your TV and bring it down to the lobby.

Carry a pair of cable cutters and cut the cable. 

Install X3watch on your computers and smart phones which will enable conversations about this very topic with people that care about you. This won’t monitor your hotel activity but the people who care about you will.

If this issue fires you up:

Join our TeamXXXchurch and race for a purpose

Create a fundraising page on

Invite us to speak at your next event.

Do something…. Ya like this guy.