The impact of 2012 has been amazing to reflect on for those of us here at XXXchurch. We have reached over 26 million people in just 365 days! So many of those people have experienced victory from the grasp of pornography and many have helped others. We are happy to be able to say that your support has reached more people this year then any single year of XXXchurch!

 One of the most exciting categories of people you have helped us reach are teenagers and parents of teenagers. We received this email recently from a mom looking desperately to help her teenage son.

“I am thanking God for FINALLY finding a ministry for Teens addicted to porn!  Our 18 year old son has been struggling with porn for a few years and I have been looking for help for him locally and on the internet only to find time and time again that there are ministries for men but not for teens!  HELLO!!!  Ever thought about going to the start of an addiction and helping kids there – perhaps there would not be as many adults addicted to porn?!  This has been my mantra!  I cannot tell you how disappointed I have been in searching for help for our son until I found your ministry. Thank you for being willing to risk being ostracized by the Church (we are the most brutal on believers reaching out to the untouchables) and for the work that you are doing!  May God richly bless you and your ministry.”

Wow! Through our online blogs, books, recovery programs, and X3watch accountability software we have been equipping mom’s like this to help their teenagers make the right decisions while online. I am thankful that our message reached a desperate mom like this one. 

We know that there are literally millions of parents in this exact situation and we do not want to stop until they find us and we equip them. As we approach the end of the year, would you be willing to make a special end of the year donation to help people struggling with the addiction of pornography around the world? Any size donation helps us reach another family, another teenager, another man or woman, and another marriage before it is to late.

Thank you again for your generosity and for your end of the year donations! We are so extremely proud to have you as a supporter and friend of the ministry.


Craig Gross, Founder