This year we have been at porn shows in Miami, Los
Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, which just wrapped up in this past
weekend. Check out the recaps here or watch episode #2 at

I thought the conventions were over in 2009 BUT I was wrong. I received
a few emails over the last two days and we have made the decision to go
to two more this next month. This is where we need your help!

budgeted and raised money for 4 shows and enough Bibles for these 4
shows only. I believe we have to be at these next two shows.

1. The Gay Erotic Expo. Here is a part of the email that just encouraged me so much. – My
name is Matt and I manage the Gay Erotic Expo in NYC. I saw you guys at
the Exxxotica Erotica Expo in Jersey this weekend and wanted to see if
you guys are interested possibly in exhibiting at our event. I know
it’s short notice, but I have a few booths left and I think what you
guys are doing is great and that you could have a good place in our

2. The Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Expo in Las Vegas. We received an invite to this show and it is a great opportunity as well.

are looking to raise roughly $10,000 in the next week so we can commit
to these two shows. We will do these on a shoestring budget and think
it will be pretty amazing to be a light in these dark rooms. I do not
know of many Christian organizations that would show up in these places
and better yet even be invited. The opportunity to do this kind of
ministry is incredible to me.

We would love your support. You can donate online HERE or mail to:

PO Box 400758
Las Vegas, NV 89140

God Bless,
Craig Gross