Episode 6 of XXXchurch.tv is here and recaps the adventure of
exhibiting at the Gay Porn Show in NYC. It was our privilege to be
invited to the show. The reception we received may surprise you. Watch
Ep. 6 now.

week we sent out a special edition newsletter that featured former porn
star Kimberly’s amazing story. We are assisting her through the Esther
Fund. If you missed that email check it out here.

church this past weekend Jeanette meet with and gave Kimberly a $1500
check. This was a blessing to her as Kimberly did not know how she was
going to pay the bills that are piling up.

Thanks to all who have prayed contributed to the Esther Fund to help Kimberly!

An incredible stream of prayers and comments have been building on the blog. Kimberly has been reading them all and is encouraged by the support!

We need your help in helping Kimberly! Please help by taking one or all of the below action steps.

1. Encourage – post comments and prayers here.
2. Give – Donate here (write Esther Fund in comments section)
3. Share – Please share Kimberly’s incredible story with others by passing this on!
4. Facebook – Post Kimberly’s story on your profile

God Bless,