The second day of the porn show was incredible. Rachel did makeup
for a bunch of different girls. This was just great to watch girls
coming by who had met us in Vegas or last year and reunite with some of
our girls.

Laci and her friend came as well and handed out of 100 shirts to different porn stars.


I must say we finished handing out over 3300 Bibles faster then any
of us thought we would. People just freaked out over this Bible. It
blew people’s minds. It was so fun to have these types of conversations
with people over the word of God and his love.

One of our neighbors sold gay porn. We kept eating their candy but
had some good talks with all of them. Here I am at their booth.

There are a lot of things I will remember about the show, here is
one of them. Check out the picture. That is me and Brandon and a mom
and dad and their twin daughters who just turned 18. I was shocked to
see an entire family at a porn show. What happened to Disneyland or a
trip to the mall. A porn show? All of the members of the family had a
bag full of “goodies”. One of the daughters said “goodies” when I asked
her what was in her bag. At the last show I met a father son combo,
never did I think I would see a whole family.

Since we are out of Bibles, we are now handing out postcards and
just talking to people and continuing with the hair and makeup. We will
have more later…Craig

[09:09 PM]

Erotica LA Day 1

day! We loaded all 1700 pounds of bibles into the convention center at
1pm. From the time we cracked the first box open at 4pm until 11:00pm
we handed out close to 2000 Bibles!!!! It was truly amazing. Our goal
was to hand out 3000 Bibles over three days, at this rate we will be
out of Bibles before the end of the show. It was a great day for
connecting with old porn show friends and a lot of new ones. ABC World
News tonight hung with us in the early afternoon. The story is slated
to air Sunday night.  We had a ton of press today… the Bibles are
definitely turning heads. The XXXchurch booth is sandwiched between a
gay porn dealer and escorts for the disabled.
Please pray for our new neighbors.

[02:38 AM]