Another great day at the show. We scrounged up a few remaining
Bibles and emptied the box of “JLPS Bookmarks.” We are now officially
out of every possible XXXchurch thing. JR and I went and shot some
interviews with folks at the show including our good friend Paul(aka
Mr. Bible) who has protested outside the show the last couple years.
All in all a great day. Here are some of the highlights.

A company here is selling porn baby jumpers(outfits) for those
parents who want to dress their little babies in the latest porn
accesserories. The suprising thing was I actually saw parents buying
these little outfits for their kids. Dumbfounded.

Chatted with Luke Ford(covers the porn industry and has a well read
website) Luke is always looking for the latest scoop. One thing about
Luke is that everything you say is on the record. I hope we didn’t say
anything stupid. He has been a great friend and supporter of X3Church.

We did some great interviews with people at the show for the
XXXchurch Itunes Podcast. Topics ranged from peoples first impressions
of the JLPS Bibles to how can Christians better serve the gay
community. We also interviewed Brandon the Intern on his first
impressions of serving at a porn show. Look for these Itunes videos in
the next week or so.

We found that the Erotica LA show attendance was down by one third. We are unofficially taking credit for that.

Latin HBO stopped by and did a nice interview with JR.

Our neighbors at Hot Gay Porn dropped their prices to $5 per dvd.

People have continually come up to us and ask if we have the Bibles.

We had certainly the most disgusting thing that has ever happened at
our booth occur this morning. We can’t even mention it on the blog.
Talk to JR.

For lunch JR had a cheeseburger, Brandon had nachos with jalepenos,
and I had a chocolate chip cookie and a large soda. Great wisdom was
shared around the table like “keep the main thing the main thing and
sell the sizzle not the steak.” Wow! That’s good stuff.

Laci established solid contacts with 3 of the largest companies
here. In her conversations she is discovering that many of the girls
are aware of the ministry of XXXchurch and they are encouraged by what
she and the girls are doing. Momentum and traction are happening.

We packed up the booth which took 5 minutes and headed home at 6pm.

In conclusion and with great authority we say:
This is the
greatest outreach we have ever done to date. Period. Thanks to the big
man upstairs and thank you for your support and prayers. We will do the
ultimate recap with everyones thoughts later this week. Also, I’m sure
the ABC World News Tonight story on the JLPS Bibles will be up shortly.

Peace. Mike.

[11:41 PM]

Erotica LA Day 3 @ 2PM

Just a quick recap put together by everyone from the evening. I will
put pics up later. Here are just a few nuggets and highlights.

A guy named Nick(who is in the business) and we met at our very
first porn show in Vegas(Jan 9 2002) came by the booth and was totally
shocked that we were still doing this. “I can’t believe you’re still
showing up to these things” was his quote.

Jimmy D came by the booth. He and Ron Jeremy both ended up in the
booth together and drew quite a crowd. Jimmy D is a grandpa again as
Shauna and Kyle(whose wedding Craig and Mike officiated) had another
baby. Just love that guy.

Quote of the Day: “I know the Bible inside and out you mother fuc**rs.”

Though we are out of Bibles, we are having a ton of great
conversations with folks and passing out the JLPS cards. We now refer
to them as bookmarks for the Bibles that we handed out. It’s not a
card, it’s a bookmark. Now that’s what you call marketing.

The girls met a porn star in the bathroom who made 362 movies.
Figured out that the bathroom is the break room for many of the girls
and a great place for our girls to have some really productive

The hip hop group called the Rough Riders came by and was diggin the
message. Brandon got their numbers. We knew of his love for Toby Mac
but had no idea his incredible love for hip hop.

Met Tim the Horn Guy. He is not related to XXXchurch supporter Dave The Horn guy. Totally different type of horns.

Talked with a wife that was clearly hurt by her husbands attendance
here at the show and his love for porn. He brought her to the show
ditched her and went off into pornville leaving her to fend for
herself. It broke my heart.

A quadralapegic that we met last year came by again to the boothe.
He left an incredible impression last year when he told JR, “You want
to help me. Give me money so I can buy a hooker. Because no one touches

Peace. Mike.

[01:35 PM]