I normally buy US Weekly and other trashy celebrity gossip magazines at the airport or the USA Today. On a recent trip I purchased Esquire magazine. They recently did a study online with single and married men from the ages of 21-59. Their survey was all about sex. I read through it all and wanted to highlight what I thought were some of the most interesting things that they discovered. So, here it goes:

66% of married men say they are satisfied with their sex life.

82% of men have had at least 2 sexual partners in their lifetime.

14% of married men have at least one sexual experience with another man.

56% of married men have had oral sex performed on them while driving.

63% all all men surveyed watch porn.

33% have sex less then 1 time a week.

36% of men have never had anal.

42% of men could conceive cheating on their spouse.

10% of all men don’t consider oral sex to be sex.

67% of men masturbate at least once a week.

32% of men say their biggest fantasy would be to bring another woman into their bed.

44% of men say they don’t have sex enough.

Men in 50’s are 2 X as likely then men in their 20’s to have had a finger in their rectum during sex.

20 year old men are 3 X more likely then 50 year old men to watch porn every day  (37%) 

What do you think of these stats?