We have a young woman who has applied for temporary financial assistance through the Esther Fund.   She entered into prostitution in 2004 and in October of 2008 she left the sex industry in search of a better way.

She has secured a job making $9 an hour.  Her vehicle (a 1990) has needed numerous repairs which has cost her time and money from work.  She is one month behind in rent, utilities and car insurance.  She contacted us through Treasures (another sex industry ministry we have partnered with at various outreaches) because she was desperate and tempted to enter back into prostitution to “get caught up” but in her heart she knows this is not the answer.  We know that is not the answer.

She has turned to us for help and we are turning to you.   It is you that keeps funds available for the Esther Fund recipients.  As of right now we are at our limit with those we are assisting.   If you can make a donation today it will make a difference in this young woman’s life.   We guarantee verification of the financial need and when it is done we pay the vendors directly.  If donations exceed funds needed we will purchase an additional grocery store gift card for this woman.  Thank you in advance for any amount that you can give. Make sure to CHOOSE ESTHER FUND on your donation.

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Have a paypal account here is another way that you can give online. paypal email is [email protected]