Last week we got a call from a woman in a brothel in Reno. We have never met this woman or been to this brothel. She wanted to leave and called asking for help. We flew her to Vegas. She stayed with Joy and Philip for 4 days and is now on her way back home. Her family was unaware of what she was doing and now she has told them and hopefully this was a step in the right direction for her. Some things we mention on the site and some things we just keep quiet. We have seen more and more people call and trust us as they are looking for help and options. I think a lot has to do with the 8 years of doing this ministry.

We’ve got a need to bring to your attention through the Esther Fund.  As you know the Esther Fund was set up to help sex industry workers who wanted out of the industry.  Without donors that give specifically to this fund- there is no fund and there are times that needs come up and we have to put a plea out to our followers to help meet the need.  That time is now.

Several years ago we (you) helped a woman transition from her life in the sex industry to her new life and walk with God.  Michelle from our team has stayed in contact with this woman on a regular basis throughout this entire time.
This woman has consistently demonstrated growth both emotionally and spiritually.  She has been self supporting and has never asked us for continued support on any level.  Recently Michelle learned that she was laid off of her full time job which not only was her household provision but was enabling her to pay for some needed dental work.  This was/is NOT cosmetic work- this is something that must be done and we have verified that through her medical documentation provided by her dentist.  She has not completed the dental work and is left at a very uncomfortable “in between” process.  We need to raise close to $2000 to get this taken care of for her.  We need your help.  Please, if you are able- make a donation of any amount and earmark it “Esther Fund” this way we will know your donation is specifically for this need.

We could not do this without you so thank you in advance!