We are very excited to tell you about our first *star* we are helping through the Esther Fund. Becca Brat, who was in the porn industry
5 years, in prostitution at the Bunny Ranch in Las Vegas and battled several
drug addictions, courageously left the lifestyle in January 2006 and is NOW
enrolled in web design school at www.sessions.edu earning
a Web Design Foundation Certificate because of YOUR generous help! Because
of YOU we were able to enroll Becca in school this week and buy her the necessary
supplies and software she will need to complete her program. All of us at XXXChurch
and those involved with the Esther Fund want to thank you for stepping up to
the plate and making a REAL difference in Becca’s life!

Becca is thrilled to say the least and thanks you from the
bottom of her heart and will keep us up to date with how she is doing. Please
keep her in your prayers as she is currently in counseling with her Pastor
and is also expecting her first baby next year. Becca has the support of her
family and stays closely in touch with Shelley Lubben who has known Becca since
May, 2006. We praise God for the awesome things He is doing in Becca’s
life and are excited to see what He does in Becca’s future.

There are other porn stars that need our help too. They
are hearing about the Esther Fund and for the first time feel there may be
a glimmer of hope for their lives. Most porn stars believe there is no life
after porn but we want to show them that it’s JUST NOT TRUE! The Esther
Fund is a chance for them to start life all over. Will you join XXXChurch and
Shelley Lubben help these broken ones start their lives over? Maybe this Christmas
you might spend less on presents and help a true cause that not only helps
porn stars but also helps those addicted to pornography. People are telling
us that when they hear porn stars are leaving porn, they feel convicted and
it helps them not to view porn. They hear the horrible details that porn stars
go through and they never want to view porn again. So the Esther Fund helps
everybody!  Thank you for giving the gift of new life this Christmas.

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