Last week we sent out an email about a women who is in need after leaving the porn industry. Her name is Wendy and she is a guest on the next Dirty Little Secrets podcast #91. We were able to meet her current needs plus a bit more. We will talk with her about her situation and her story on the next podcast

We are also helping Tanya (formerly Jersey) we have helped with rent, vehicle, schooling, bills, moving expenses and a lot more over the last several months. She has had a tough time and is currently 18 weeks pregnant. We are talking with her right now about possibly moving into a live in facility that would make it easier on her. We will have more updates on her situation as it progresses

Also, Donny Pauling as many of you know is in Seminary. We are trying to cover the costs for this which currently cost $500 a month for two years

We appreciate all your support, prayers and finances to make these things happen. Thank you so much

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