We have been blessed to be able to help a number of people from the adult industry. Here are a few updates from those that we can tell you about. Some of the people we have helped we have agreed to keep confidential.

1. Donny Pauling

Just got off the phone today and we are getting close at getting Donny into seminary. He would have a degree in ministry and become an official ordained minister. We need to raise some money to make this happen.

We are trying to get the school to give us a deal but it looks like we will need $13,000 for a 24 month program. More details to come real soon…

2. Becca
Here is an update from Becca.

I just moved back to Louisiana after being gone for 7 years. I lived in
L.A., Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, & for 6 scary months, Cleveland OH. I also
spent a lot of time in NYC.

I am currently going to school for web design and graphic design. I love it!
I love editing- photos, film, and I am even learning music editing.

I have a beautiful daughter. She was born on March 22nd at 6:04pm. She
weighed 7lbs. 8oz. and was 21 1/4in. long. She is absolutely perfect!
She is such a good baby- she really only cries when she is hungry, and
already sleeps through the night! She is growing every day… she has
already changed so much, I can hardly believe it! If you would like to donate to this

3. Chris

In early April we had a young man named Chris contact us about the Ester Fund. Chris had been working in the in gay adult industry for a little over 3 years. Chris entered the porn world trying to make a little cash. What was going to be a quick hit turned into a three-year stint in the business, that took its toll. Chris came to XXXchurch by searching the Internet one night and came upon “Pete the Porno Puppet.” After watching Pete and thinking it was the craziest thing he had ever seen he poked around XXXchurch.com and found the Ester fund.
His short tenure in the business left him depressed and looking for relief. He filled out the Esther fund application in the hope that something would happen.

Here is a portion of his initial e-mail to XXXchurch.com I hate myself. I hate porn. I have absolutely no joy in my life. My entire existence is a sham. I maintain a blog and I fabricate a healthy and happy persona, while behind closed doors I spend a majority of my life behind locked doors, shades drawn, lights off, crying most of the night, sleeping most of the day. I remember a time that I was happy. I used to have such a thirst for life. Now, during my darkest times I secretly wish it was all over. I feel worthless, dirty, ashamed, despondent, ugly, and tired. I feel like I have lost any semblance of what I used to be. The only thing that keeps me from doing something stupid is my family. My mom and dad would be devastated.

We worked with Chris for about a month. Pulling down old sites, talking about God and putting systems in place for his accountability
Chris needed two things desperately from the Esther Fund. Insurance and a cash jump start for rent and basic needs for one month. He started a business out of his home to bring in money and set out to establish accountability with the team at XXXchurch. It’s been almost five months since Chris has left the business and is doing remarkably well. He is having a go with his business and is talking regularly with his accountability partners here at XXXchurch. Please pray for Chris. Chris comes on Dirty Little Secrets Podcast #70.

4. Sierra
We are assiting a women named Sierra who has been working with Shelley Lubben. More updates to come later. Sierra joins us on Dirty Little Secrets Podcast #71.
If you would like to donate to this CLICK HERE.