I got an email from someone inside the Adult Industry and after getting him connected with Ryan on our staff we realized one of our bloggers and friends Steve Ohh was only about an hour away from where he lives. They met up last week and wanted to share this request with you all.

A few weeks ago through XXX Church I was contacted about a man who lives about an hours drive from me who wanted help getting out of the sex industry. I have talked with Joe (not his real name) on several occasions via phone and email. Last week I had the privilege of meeting Joe in person for the first time. It is one thing to talk to someone over the phone but to actually sit across from this man and see the pain in his eyes was something else. He is broken.

Joe and I talked for hours about how he got into the industry and why he wanted to get out. We talked about his family, the hurts from his past and what is in store for him in the  future. Joe is out of the industry. He is working part time about 10-20 hrs a week at a very small salary. He has turned his car over and purchased one he could pay for. Joe is looking for full time employment, in these days is a struggle in itself. Joe needs a fresh start. I am working on getting Joe connected with a local church that may also assist in counseling and the job search.

Being that Joe has given up his previous job he is having a hard time making ends meet. He is behind on child support and is not going to be able to make next months rent. I know that you are hit hard this time of year with requests to help those in need. What I would like to do is show Joe some much needed LOVE. I would like to raise enough money to make 2 months rent for him which would be around $1200. I thank you for your prayers as we continue to minister to Joe and help meet his needs.


You can give online using our donations page or Paypal. Just mark on the donation “Esther Fund”. Thanks so much for coming alongside of this man.