May is around the corner! That means summer is almost here. We are excited about the theme that we will be covering on the site in the month of May. We are calling it “Evolution”. We have a special video that we are launching to promote this series.

We started XXXchurch to be a place to help bring sex addiction and porn addiction into the light—speaking candidly and openly in our churches, at porn shows, at college campus and in our communities about both the harmful impact of pornography and the need to live and walk in grace and seek freedom.  Over these past ten years, we’ve seen tremendous changes in people’s lives as a result of our ministry, and that’s part of what we’re going to highlight this month. 

We all can remember the first time we saw pornography and the first time it started to feel as though porn was controlling our lives.  Our writers this month will also be talking about how they were able to overcome their addictions and begin to walk in freedom.  It’s often not a quick fix, but rather a transformation—an evolution of our thoughts and deeds that can mark a truly changed life.

The video below is from our friend Nick V. He joined us on the Porn Kills Tour and performed this poem. Less then a month later we filmed the video and today it is out for all of you to see. The video is included in the Porn Kills Video if you would like to purchase here. I hope that you share it and spread it around the Internet. The poem is called Sincerely Freedom and clearly communicates what we are going to speaking about all month here at