We are joining forces with Harmony Dust from Treasures Ministries in Los Angeles to expand our strip club outreach ministries. Together we are going to develop women & churches across the U.S. who hear God calling them to reach out the women in this industry. To do this, we need to train, support, encourage, resource and pray for new leaders. God has made it clear that by uniting our strengths He can increase our reach and impact. This new effort will be the Strip Church Network.

Previously the name Strip Church has been used to conjure up the idea of ministry on and around the Las Vegas Strip. Thinking broader, we believe that the new purposes brought under this name will accurately reflect our desire to be the Church in the strip club world.

Harmony and her Treasures LA team will focus primarily on training, vision, encouragement and prayer. God has already done so much to take Harmony’s previous life working in strip clubs and transformed them for His purposes. It is our desire to expand and magnify her leadership opportunities in this arena.

The Fireproof Ministries/ Strip Church team will add to the training and resources of the new network out of the ministry experiences we have grown in via Las Vegas strip club ministries. Together we will build a robust network to support trained and affiliated ministries.

The Strip Church Network will serve, teach and equip women who share a heart and calling to reach out into clubs. Initially will include 2 training conferences each year (1 in LA – September 30th-October 1st and  1 in Las Vegas May 25-26, 2011) where at least 20 people will have the opportunity to be trained to do strip club ministry in their cities across the U.S. This network will be supported through monthly training conference calls, resources, networked websites, blogs, prayer, and branded materials to use inside the clubs.

We plan to collaborate together on a hybrid approach to strip club ministry. Translation, we are taking the very best of all that Harmony does in training and in ministry through L.A. Treasures and will be adding some of the things our team has been learning through Strip Church ministry in Las Vegas.

We will be launching a whole new Strip Church website in January with all the information abotu the network, the trainings and everything else. If you are interested in signing up for the initial training in Vegas May 25-26, 2011 you can do that by clicking the link below.

Registration for this event is now closed.

If you can’t tell, we are really excited about things that are to come in 2011