While talking about recovery we asked people what were some great things they did in early recovery that they could share with people to help them. Here is a cross section of what people said on our facebook –

  • Committed to showing up no matter what!!!
  • Got some accountability.
  • Making my daily phone calls and getting in that habit, which helped replace other bad habits. James 5:16
  • Learned how to ask for help
  • Learned God loved me despite of my ability to obey him
  • I became honest with GOD me & someone I trusted!!!!
  • Learning to accept responsibility for the choices I made.
  • The best thing I did was take God at His word to bring me into real and lasting freedom. Next to that, I made it a point to never be online alone and to stay away from the magazine isle at every store I went into. Really helped my eye’s not to stray.
  • Not go on the computer for 3 months and rely on Gods strength.
  • 1 Handing the situation to God in prayer 
    2 downloading the accountability software which is such a good tool.
    3 be accountable to someone in church.
  • I talked to our bible study leader as well as my pastor. Rather than continue to hide the problem, I have been open and honest about the issues I face. This has led to a great accountability.
  • Kept showing up!
  • Took it to God, got accountability and X3 watch in that order. I think I’ve made it three weeks this time. It actually feels like it’s going some where!
  • Relied on Gods strength and love, other thing was be honest and told my Fiancée. Was not easy to do the second one, but definitely helped.
  • Opened my eyes to God’s plan. The Lord put me in a couples small group with three other guys that were going to the crossroads sexual purity group. What a coincidence huh? The Lord will provide a way and a plan for us to deal with our issues if we will open our eyes and allow him to lead us. He will not force you, but he will guide you and provide that “way out” of the problem and also out of every temptation. It is our choice, but he will open the door. 1 Corinthians 10:13.