Jesus Loves Porn StarsWe are back for year number two of Exxxotica Atlantic City in New Jersey and some things haven’t changed. The Taj Mahal casino is still run down, Atlantic City still has a strange smell, the Exxxotica management team still treats us amazingly well, and the food at Tony Boloney’s is still unbelievably good and serves as a great start to an early heart attack. However, all that said, this show has been a real change of pace for everyone.

This year we came in to this show with a brand new booth, twice the space we usually have, and a full silkscreen press and dryer which we are using to make free “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” shirts for anyone wanting one.  Setup took a full three hours to complete!

So far it has been an amazing show. Our team of twenty (the largest outreach team to date) is doing a great job and conversations have been popping throughout the booth.

The shirts and press are proving to be real crowd pleasers as they were at the last AVN. We’ve given away hundreds of shirts and Bibles just in the first day and look forward to a jammed pack weekend.

We will have lots more for you later but, in the mean time, keep checking out our Instagram , Twitter, and Facebook pages for pics and video updates from the show.