Pornography addiction is one of the most difficult and frustrating struggles anyone can ever face.  This is evidenced by the thousands of men and women who have dealt with this issue for ten, twenty, and even thirty years.  What’s worse is that these long cycles of addiction can lead to a self-defeating mind set where the individual falsely believes that victory in this area of their life is impossible and therefore gives up the fight.  We assure you that victory is absolutely possible.  Not just victory but a renewed sense of sexual integrity and purpose.  Freedom from pornography is life changing and attainable.  The problem is that often those struggling with pornography fail to launch a real plan for sobriety.  Praying to God for a “spiritual lobotomy’ just isn’t going to work.  He doesn’t work like that.  If you want healing you need to pursue it and not just talk about it.  Change will not occur unless a person really wants to be changed.

The question then is what does one need to do to pursue sobriety?  Of course here is where it gets difficult.  Sobriety requires investment … investment of your time, your resources, and your attention.  This means doing work like reading books, participating in workshops or groups, seeking accountability, and establishing disciplined patterns of behavior.  Of course we understand that choosing a plan of attack isn’t easy.  What should you read or who can you trust as a good accountability partner?  Where can you go for support?  These are all legitimate concerns but we are here to help you in this journey towards sobriety.  We offer accountability software like X3watch, online workshops like X3pure, and online accountability and support groups like X3groups.

We encourage you to take the first step & sign up for an X3group today.  X3groups are safe, anonymous, and available for anyone.  Additionally, first time signups will get either a 1 year subscription of X3watchPro ($75 value) or access to the X3pure 30 day workshop ($100 value) for free!  Take your sobriety efforts to a whole new level and invest in yourself.  Freedom is attainable but it does take effort and a plan.  Failure to launch a plan of attack is not an excuse; it’s just easier than the alternative.  Take your first step today!


“I like the group because it’s a place of grace and mercy. I don’t feel judged and I feel like I can be myself. Also the extra accountability is great as well.”

“I like the group because it help me to open up. I tend to hold in all the shame and anger I have, the group has really helped me. It’s good to know I’m not alone.”

“The x3group has been such a great help in this journey of breaking the habit of sex addiction; its been the push I needed & helped me understand so many thing like we are not designed to do this alone.  It has also shown me that there is a lot of material available to educate ourselves and pass to others.  Thanks.”

“The group has been an incredible source of grace for me. The people and the structure has been pivotal and crucial to my sobriety. It has enabled me to live freely in the rest and grace of God, no longer labored and vexed by the weight of this sin. Now overcoming has given me new perspective and new hope for what’s in store.”