Okay, here is the deal. We recently found out that a friend of the ministry is connected with a foundation that he talked with about supporting XXXchurch and our 2008 porn show outreaches. They have decided to give us a $20,000 matching gift grant. So, we have to raise $20,000 and they will match it with $20,000. This is a huge gift that we are so thankful for as we are trying to raise $200,000 for the 2008 plan. If you have not read about that, check it out here.It gets event better. Facebook has just launched the “Causes Giving Challenge”. Here is what they are doing over the next thirty days.

  • $50,000 for the cause with the most unique donors
  • $25,000 for the 2nd and 3rd place causes
  • $10,000 for the next 10 causes

Daily Award

Fifty (50) $1,000 awards will be given every 24 hours to the cause with the most unique donors.

Did you see that???? $50,000 from FACEBOOK if we have the most unique donors that give at least $10 one time over the next thirty days. If you are not on FACEBOOK, it is free to sign up and you can start with a donation of $10 if you would like. They are giving away $1,000 to the top 50 causes every day as well.

The deal was we had to create a new FACEBOOK cause so if you are a member of our old FACEBOOK, you have to go to the new cause. Confused, email us and we can answer any questions.

Here is the new link


So just to recap. We have someone who will match every dollar given up to $20,000 and if you give online at FACEBOOK we have a chance to win a ton of extra money. Thanks in advance….and tell your friends and family about this one.