Over the years as a nonprofit ministry we have heard many questions (and some criticisms) regarding the fact that we charge for some things. Whether it be software, workshops, recovery groups, or even books … it doesn’t matter. We get the same questions. Why do you charge?

After all, as a nonprofit we aren’t supposed to be in “this” for the money, right?

Charging for stuff means we “make money,” right?

Therefore we must be in it for the money, right?


Watch this video. I think to explains very well a little about what we do and where the money from those sales go.

Realize your purchases fund ministry. Your support makes generosity possible. (Tweet This!)

Everyone loves a for-profit that sells and gives like Toms, or Jedediah … but when a nonprofit does the same type of thing everything changes … at least for some.

We want you to know that we are here because of you. Your support, your purchases, your work … it makes all of this happen.

And we thank you.

That beings said, for those of you who want a more “hands on” type of involvement in this ministry I would really encourage you to check out our upcoming missions trips.

We are hoping to bring the Gospel to Toronto, Calgary, and Edison later this year and you can be part of that. We need to build three complete teams for these outreach efforts. You can be there.

You can be the one giving away FREE shirts and Bibles (Tweet This!).

Signup for a trip today and become part of the team.

And if not, buy a shirt!


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