This journey that we’ve been on has been such a crazy story. This
latest email would be an example of that. We have just been invited to
attend the Gay Erotic Expo in New York coming this October. We have
accepted(even got a 50% discount on our booth space) and now XXXchurch
will be there. Craig and I got some great plans for this event and are
really excited about bringing a message of love and hope. We will keep
you posted and up to date on what’s going on as we start flushing out
the details over the days to come. Peace. Mike.

Here is the email we got:

Hi there!
I hope you had a fantastic time at the AVN Expo in January.  I
wasn’t able to attend, by my co-worker Justin was there and suggested I drop
you an e-mail.  I produce the Gay Erotic Expo in New York and Los Angeles.  It’s
similar to AVN’s Erotica LA show except our event is exclusively marketing
to gay men.  We’ve been producing the event in New York for six years,
and this year will be our fourth in Los Angeles.  I think what you’re
doing is fantastic and you would have a great time at our event.  I’m
not sure what your budget is, but I am willing to work with you to get you
to either one of our events.I’ve attached some information about our event.  When
you  have the time, I would love to speak to someone about the possibilities.

Gay Erotic Expo Event Manager